Great Work Energy offers a flexible slate of services and solutions for Energy Users

Energy-intensive businesses and institutions.

We understand your need to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability in your business. To support you in this, we strategize with executives, managers, engineers and technicians to measure, manage and improve energy performance at individual sites and at the portfolio level. We craft solutions that save you money while improving environmental metrics.

We can help:

  • Identify and manage viable energy projects to successful completion at your site, unlocking those cost savings quickly.
  • Assess current practices and execute on a plan to improve your staff’s ability to manage energy use and costs as a variable expense.
  • Prove and communicate your success to your management, employees, shareholders, supply chain and customers.
  • Prepare you to capitalize on other emerging opportunities, such as demand management and demand response, distributed generation, carbon emission reductions and adoption of next generation technology to meet your business goals.

For these clients, we offer expertise in energy and financial analysis; leveraging grants and incentive programs; employee training and engagement; project management; measurement and verification; strategic energy management; continuous energy improvement practices; process efficiency; HVAC; lighting; combined heat and power; demand response; energy information and analytics; certification; case studies; marketing and public recognition; procurement of energy services; and regulation and policy.